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  Nursing is a popular choice for students who desire a practical and professional degree that will allow them to help people.Here are some best colleges for a degree in nursing.

  Simmons College

  Simmons College is a private women's college founded in Boston in 1899.Nursing is a top­ranking major at the college as well as the most popular.The average nursing graduate from Simmons makes $58,000 in their early career.

  Villanova University

  Villanova is a private research university located in Philadelphia.Nursing is a popular major, and students are offered an online degree as well.The average nursing graduate from Villanova makes $63,000 in their early career.

  University of California­Los Angeles (UCLA)

  The UCLA School of Nursing is known for its excellent education provided by some leaders in the medical field.The four­year programs allow students to focus on medical issues through classroom learning and clinical training.Completion of the B.S.(理学士) degree in nursing prepares students for the National Council Licensing Examination or continuation of the master's or doctoral degrees at UCLA.A nursing degree from UCLA leads to positions in various hospitals, clinics and medical institutions, with the mid­career salary averaging $86,000.

  Fairfield University

  Founded in 1942, Fairfield University is a liberal arts university rooted in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition.The School of Nursing offers established programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.The B.S.programs equip students with skills and ethics (道德规范) to prepare them for the medical field.At most 10 students are taught in a class using the latest medical technology to provide a strong theory­based knowledge.Graduates of Fairfield find numerous employment opportunities within the field and earn an average starting salary of $62,000 and mid­career salary of $83,000.


  1.Where should Mary go for a degree in nursing if she is busy looking after children at home?

  A.Simmons College.

  B.Villanova University.

  C.The UCLA School of Nursing.

  D.Fairfield University.

  解析:选B 细节理解题。根据第三段的“Nursing is a popular major, and students are offered an online degree as well.”可知,该所大学的护理专业学生可以通过远程教育获得学位,因此,如果Mary边在家照顾孩子边学习的话,那就选择Villanova University。

  2.What do we know about the UCLA School of Nursing?

  A.Its university fee is the highest.

  B.It is devoted to the B.S.degree alone.

  C.It provides theoretical and practical learning.

  D.Its nursing students are only in demand in hospitals.

  解析:选C 细节理解题。根据第四段的“The four­year programs allow students to focus on medical issues through classroom learning and clinical training.”可知,UCLA护理学院提供课堂学习和临床训练,即理论和实践学习。

  3.What is special about Fairfield University?

  A.It is the most promising university of all.

  B.It provides numerous employment opportunities.

  C.It focuses on programs at the graduate levels.

  D.It has small­sized classes for nursing students.

  解析:选D 推理判断题。根据最后一段的“At most 10 students are taught in a class using the latest medical technology to provide a strong theory­based knowledge.”可知,该大学的护理专业一个班最多有10个学生,实行的是小班教学,这是该大学的与众不同之处。


  When I was eleven, my parents gave me the first book I ever owned — The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe.It was written by the famous novelist Edgar Allan Poe.I clearly remember opening it, reading the first lines of the book, and saying to myself, “So this is what reading is!” I was delighted.Little did I know at the time that I was at the beginning of a lifelong journey.

  So, if I read my first real book at the age of eleven, what was I reading before then?In a word, these books are relatively plotless (没有情节的) and repetitive, and they attempt to teach children to recognize letters and their sounds and to build their vocabulary.But I still had no idea what writing was.In Poe's stories, the sentences were more complex and stylish than anything I had ever read before.

  Poe, in short, was a start.My parents gave me that first book, but then I searched for other books.I liked science, which led me to discover Jules Verne and H.G.Wells.Other writers followed in quick one after another, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, and Arthur C.Clarke.But I didn't limit myself to science fiction.Other books that deeply impressed me, and which I have carried on my life's journey, include: The Yearling, Shane, Ivanhoe, Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Good Earth.

  It went on from there.I became that kid who, long after his parents turned the lights off, hid under the covers with a flashlight, a book, and his greatest fear of being discovered and having his flashlight taken away.I realized that my parents must have known I was defying them.But in their wisdom they pretended to ignore it.And so I owe my start as a reader to my parents.

  4.What can we learn from Paragraph 1?

  A.The author was absorbed in reading at age 11.

  B.The author didn't read any books before 11.

  C.The author explained the meaning of reading.

  D.The author enjoyed journeys with reading.

  解析:选A 推理判断题。根据第一段的“‘So this is what reading is!’ I was delighted”可知,作者在11岁时读了The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe这本书,它唤起作者对书籍的热爱。

  5.What was the effect of plotless reading on the author?

  A.Expanding his vocabulary.

  B.Teaching him how to write.

  C.Arousing his interest in novels.

  D.Developing his ability to read.

  解析:选A 细节理解题。根据第二段可知,作者以前的读物没有情节,它们只能帮助孩子识别字母和发音,扩大他们的词汇。故作者不知道什么才是真正的写作,只是从以前的读物中扩大了自己的词汇量。

  6.What did the author do after reading his first book?

  A.He tried doing scientific research.

  B.He started to write science fiction.

  C.He advised his parents to buy more books.

  D.He expanded the range of reading material.

  解析:选D 细节理解题。根据第三段可知,作者涉猎的读物范围越来越广。

  7.Which of the following can replace the underlined word “defying” in the last paragraph?





  解析:选B 词义猜测题。根据最后一段的“But in their wisdom they pretended to ignore it.”可知,作者认为父母其实知道他并没有关灯睡觉,而是违背他们,躲在被窝里偷偷看书,只是不揭穿他而已。


  In an effort to stop poaching (偷猎) and protect endangered species, people are using technology previously created to discover stars.Claire Burke, who led the project, says the application of the star­hunting tech has so far paid off big for conservation.“Since animals and humans in thermal imagery (热成像) ‘glow’ in the same way as stars in space, we have been able to combine the technical expertise of astronomers with the conservation knowledge of ecologists to develop a system to find the animals or poachers automatically,” she said in a statement.

  In addition to species identification, the software can also provide an overview of health.Burke said that diseased or injured animals give off a different thermal imagery than the healthy ones.“The real advantage this gives you is that if you know how many animals you have and where they are and what kind of health they are in, then you can work out a good conservation strategy for looking after them,” she said.

  The following is a post written by Burke on Twitter: More animals for the thermal imagery library.Thanks to Chester Zoo Science @ScienceatCZ for letting us observe their fantastic creatures.Images are giraffes, Indian elephants, and fruit bats.— Claire Burke (@CBurkeSci) October 27, 2017.

  To train the software on a wide variety of heat signatures from different species, the team of researchers spent time collecting thermal imagery of animals.Their first field trial to detect Riverine rabbits, one of the most endangered mammals in the world (with only 500 living adults left in the wild), was a complete success.“The rabbits are very small, so we flew the drone (无人机) quite low to the ground at a height of 20 meters (65 feet).Although this limited the area we could cover with the drone, we managed to see the rabbit five times,” said Burke.“Given that there have only been about 1,000 times people have seen Riverine rabbits, it was a real success.”


  8.What can people decide by observing the thermal imagery of the animals?

  A.What the animals are doing.

  B.When the animals need help.

  C.Whether the animals are healthy.

  D.Why the animals are in danger.

  解析:选C 细节理解题。根据第二段“In addition to species identification, the software can also provide an overview of health.”可知,使用这种热成像技术,不仅可以观测到动物所属的物种,而且还能观测到它们的健康状况。

  9.What can we learn from Burke's post on Twitter?

  A.It is better for animals to live in the zoo.

  B.More animals are becoming endangered.

  C.Zoos help a lot in protecting endangered animals.

  D.The researchers are collecting data for the software.

  解析:选D 细节理解题。根据Burke在Twitter上发布的这条信息可知,科学家们正在为利用这种技术所开发的软件收集各种动物的数据信息。

  10.What did the researchers find out after detecting the Riverine rabbits?

  A.The number of them is decreasing.

  B.It is difficult for people to identify them.

  C.There are more of them than people thought.

  D.It is easier to find them using the high­tech tool.

  解析:选D 推理判断题。根据最后两句可知,南非山兔非常稀有,研究者们使用这种新技术观察到南非山兔5次,相比起过去人们共观察到南非山兔大约1 000次,这个比率已经非常高了。

  11.What is the text mainly about?

  A.Technology has helped a lot in helping the endangered animals.

  B.Scientists use stargazing tools to protect endangered species.

  C.What we should do to protect the endangered animals.

  D.Scientists are working hard to protect the environment.

  解析:选B 主旨大意题。本文介绍了环境保护者利用天文学中用来寻找星星的工具来对濒危动物实施保护。


  As a teenager, convincing yourself to stay away from electronics to plant a garden might not be an easy task.__1__ This is because whether you have the yard space to grow a garden or there are community gardens in your area, getting yourself involved has several benefits.

  For example, caring for plants helps you develop responsibility.Also you can gain a sense of accomplishment and self­confidence as you raise them from small sprouts (苗芽)up through full blooming (盛开的) beauties.What's more, gardening has been shown to reduce stress and depression.__2__

  In addition, outdoor time promotes exercise.Gardening offers fresh air, sunshine, and exercise, even to the teen who generally avoids physical activity.__3__ So you may actually enjoy growing potatoes, or any other kinds of plants, for these benefits.

  __4__ If you're looking for a new way that doesn't involve arguing to bond with your family, consider plants.You can have a good family time by taking care of plants together in your family garden.

  Finally, growing food can encourage healthier eating habits.__5__ Tasting the fruits through your own efforts also inspires you to eat more of the items you grow yourself.What's more, a backyard garden is also an excellent way for you to ensure that what you eat is organic (有机的).

  A.Gardening also offers a great way to connect.

  B.Meanwhile, it can improve your ability to focus.

  C.But it's always a good idea to learn to love gardening.

  D.You will experience the benefits of your efforts over time.

  E.Sowing seeds and planting seedlings also require movement.

  F.Try to become knowledgeable about making wise food choices for life.

  G.Teens who grow their own food are more likely to enjoy healthy eating.

  1.选C 让自己远离电子产品去从事园艺是不易的,但园艺总是值得去爱的,因为它有许多好处。

  2.选B 根据空前的“has been shown to reduce stress and depression”可推断出,此处在介绍园艺在人的心理层面上的好处,园艺已被证明可以减轻压力和抑郁;同时,它也可以提高你的专注力。

  3.选E 园艺可以给缺少身体锻炼的青少年提供锻炼机会,播种和种植幼苗也需要运动。

  4.选A 根据空后的“bond with your family”可知,如果你想找一种不会牵涉到争吵的方式与家人建立良好的关系,那么请考虑园艺。因此,该段主要讲园艺是一种与家人建立良好关系的方式。

  5.选G 该段第一句提到“种植水果或蔬菜能够促进更健康的饮食习惯”,G选项提到“种植水果或蔬菜的青少年更可能享受健康的饮食习惯”,该句是对第一句进一步的解释。


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