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  Jewel's Online Footwear Store

  Leather Dress Shoes


  Color: Black leather/Brown leather/Red leather/Natural leather

  Average Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

  Shipping Info:Standard: 7-10 business days/Express:3-5 days

  Customer Reviews


  My favorite shoes! I've been to many conferences where my business fellows have told me how much they like my shoes.Just wearing them makes me feel more calm and content in the office.I recommend them to all of my co­workers, and I own a pair of each color.


  These are the worst shoes I have ever worn! The leather came off after only one week, and everybody thought they were ugly.The bottoms of the shoes made everything slippery.My employer fired me because he hated them!From then on, I would only wear Brand X shoes!


  These shoes do exactly what shoes are supposed to do.There isn't anything too special about them. In the morning, I put them on and go about my day.They look delightful enough, and they are quite durable.I will probably buy another pair.


  These shoes are my most cherished (珍爱的) possessions.I met my bride while buying a pair of these shoes.She was a customer service employee at the store I bought them at,and after she sold me three pairs, I asked her for her phone number and we started dating.Soon after that,we were engaged.We are getting married this afternoon, and I couldn't be happier.


  1.How many pairs of leather dress shoes does the first customer own?





  解析:选D 细节理解题。根据第一位顾客的评价中的“I own a pair of each color”可知,这位顾客每种颜色各有一双;再根据文章开头对鞋子颜色的介绍“Color:Black leather/Brown leather/Red leather/Natural leather”可知,这家鞋店的这种鞋共有四种颜色,所以这位顾客有四双这种鞋。故选D项。

  2.Which customer do you feel gives the most balanced and objective view?

  A.Customer 1. B.Customer 2.

  C.Customer 3. D.Customer 4.

  解析:选C 推理判断题。根据第三位顾客对所买鞋的评价中的“These shoes do exactly what shoes are supposed to do ...they are quite durable.”可知,这位顾客认为这种鞋子实用、耐穿。他对这种鞋既没有过分夸奖,也没有过度贬低,而是围绕鞋子给出了相对客观的评价。故选C项。

  3.Why does the fourth customer like the shoes?

  A.He got to know his bride while buying them.

  B.They make him feel more comfortable.

  C.They are made to last.

  D.They make him attractive.

  解析:选A 细节理解题。第四位顾客的评价中提到“I met my bride while buying a pair of these shoes.”,再结合其后的叙述可知,因为在这家鞋店买的这几双鞋的“牵线搭桥”,这位顾客认识了他的新娘,所以这位顾客很喜欢这些鞋。故选A项。

  Life can sometimes go_haywire rather like the feeling you get when you've lost control of your moving car.It's a feeling of complete helplessness and panic that makes us feel overwhelmed (被压垮的).

  In most cases, there is a difference between our expectations and reality.The greater the difference, the greater the feeling is of being overwhelmed.This difference is often created when our expectations are too demanding or when reality changes in a way we did not expect.Think of the weather ruining your carefully made travel plans to get across the state.Think of that illness that made you stay in bed.While we may be feeling overwhelmed with everything going on in our lives right now, there are some steps we can take to regain a sense of control of our lives.

  We all know we should control our emotion properly and we can be affected greatly when we are overwhelmed, but feeling overwhelmed is part of life.When we're feeling overwhelmed, it only means we are living, breathing human beings.For life is like a roller coaster ride with its ups, downs and turns.It's also like the season with its alternating periods of relative calm and periods of varying degrees of stress and anxiety.Sometimes we forget this.

  No matter how much we try, we may not be able to control reality.But we can adjust our expectations to match reality.This may mean revising our goals and tasks or quitting projects.It may feel like failure in the moment, like giving up, but this ability is an opportunity to create success in the long term.Working with reality rather than against it can give us hope.

  When we're feeling overwhelmed, we can easily fall into an all­or­nothing (孤注一掷).We may overlook the things we manage to accomplish when we feel overwhelmed.But celebrating our small wins creates space for gratitude to take hold in our hearts.Trade our expectations for appreciation and our whole world changes in an instant.Celebrating wins (whatever size!) allows us to clearly see the progress we are making.Acknowledging our small bites and celebrating our wins however small makes us have a more accepting attitude toward the opportunities, the gifts and the joys in our lives.


  4.The underlined phrase “go haywire” can be replaced by ________.

  A.be in a mess B.become dull

  C.bring surprises D.change quickly

  解析:选A 词义猜测题。根据第一段内容可知,生活有时候会陷入混乱,就像你对行驶中的汽车失去控制时的感觉。这是一种彻底无助和恐慌的感觉,使你感觉被压垮了。go haywire意为“陷入混乱”。

  5.What is the main idea of Paragraph 3?

  A.We fail to control our emotion sometimes.

  B.We must learn to control our emotion well.

  C.It is natural for everyone to feel overwhelmed.

  D.Feeling overwhelmed is a big barrier to our life.

  解析:选C 段落大意题。根据第三段可知,我们都知道应该控制好自己的情绪,当我们感觉被压垮时,我们会受到这种情绪很大的影响。但感到被压垮是生活的一部分,表明我们是有生命的人类,只是我们总是会忘记这一点。由此可知,第三段主要是说感到被压垮对每个人来说是自然的。

  6.What should we do when we can't control reality?

  A.Accept our failure and quit.

  B.Change our goal based on reality.

  C.Try our best to change reality.

  D.Find a better way to realize our goal.

  解析:选B 细节理解题。根据第四段中的“No matter how much we try ... or quitting projects.”可知,无论我们怎么努力,可能都无法改变现实。但是我们可以调整我们的预期以匹配现实。这或许意味着修改我们的目标和任务,或者放弃我们的计划。由此可知,当我们无法掌控现实时,我们可以根据现实来改变我们的目标。

  7.What can we infer from the last paragraph?

  A.Small bites are better than big wins.

  B.We should show gratitude to others.

  C.Celebrating small wins helps us make progress.

  D.We should appreciate even small achievements of ours.

  解析:选D 推理判断题。根据最后一段可知,庆祝小的成功有利于在我们心中创造感激的空间。庆祝胜利(无论大小)可以让我们清楚地看到我们正在取得的进步。认可我们的小成就并庆祝胜利,无论它有多小,这会使我们能够更乐于接受生活中的机会、礼物和乐趣。由此可推知,我们应该欣赏我们哪怕很小的成就,故选D项。




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